Question Setting By The Experts

Quizzes are incredibly versatile. There are lots of different types of questions that can be set. These are just a few of the main ones we are asked for.

Multiple Choice
These are the most common questions used for online games. We can set bespoke questions, or take them from our databases if you are on a tight budget. We have thousands of questions like this covering all the main categories. They all have four possible answers, sources, categories and difficulty levels appended to them.

Question & Answer
Q&A style questions are mostly commonly used for TV shows, newspapers and pubs. They are exactly as they sound - just one question and one answer. We are usually asked to write these bespoke for our customers.

Picture Quizzes
These are always fun and are tricky to Google - making them great for pubs and charity quizzes! We can write all our questions with themes, which is something that can work well for picture rounds. We source all the pictures and will ensure that the relevant licences have been purchased.

Music Questions
Music is a great way to get a crowd buzzing! Although they are more expensive than written questions, they are well worth it for a corporate or a pub quiz.

Quiz Show Quizzes
We can write questions on the style of any quiz show you like. We probably write them for the real thing anyway!