Question Setting By The Experts

The British Quiz Association runs the British national quiz circuit and the British Quiz Championships. We have 27 setters in the UK and a further 20+ abroad, so we can handle question writing contracts set in numerous languages. We have set for TV, radio, newspapers, games and pubs and we are happy to offer advice if you are working on a new project.

In addition to question setting, we can also help you find contestants and publicise your quiz on our popular website.

Some Of Our Television Question Setting

BBC – Pointless
We verified all of the questions for the current series, providing feedback on the questions and suggesting alternatives questions if necessary.

BBC – Mastermind Champion of Champions
We set all of the general knowledge questions for this prestigious quiz series that saw winners from previous series battling it out in the black chair.

BBC – Mastermind
We have set many of the specialist subject rounds and general knowledge rounds for some recent series of Mastermind.

BBC – The Protégé (Pilot Series)
We have been working with the BBC to develop a new series with them. We are working on the format, contestant research and question setting. The show is currently at pilot stage.

S4C - Pen Campau

2,380 Q&A questions were set on sport. More specifically, they were set on sporting knowledge that Welsh children would have, so few questions could cover anything more than 3 years old and one in seven questions had to cover Welsh sport. (Show was recorded a long time before broadcast)

BBC - Sport Mastermind
We wrote all of the general knowledge questions for the BBC’s sporting version of Mastermind. In addition to this, we also verified a number of the specialist subject sets.

ITV Productions – Chris Tarrant’s ‘It’s Not What You Know’
We set 2,000 questions across 14 subjects. The questions were designed to be interesting to the viewers yet tough enough to catch out celebrity experts. All questions were written to be used in Q&A format and as multiple-choice for the show.

CBBC – Wait For It!

1,400 questions were set for this children’s show that were designed to have key pieces of information appearing at different points in the question, so the game became about nerve. When would you be certain about an answer and buzz in?

Some Of Our Non-Television Question Setting

We produce questions for Microsoft’s online quiz games and for promotional activities between Microsoft and its partners such as Kellogg’s, Walkers Crisps and 

movies. As part of this, we also devised ‘brain training’ games for children.

BBC Radio 5Live

We wrote all of the questions for a live quiz between sports ‘experts’ on 5Live as part of the promotional activity around Sport Mastermind. As a result, the Mastermind team was inundated with enquiries from prospective contenders.


We wrote a series of pub quizzes as part of the BBC’s RaW campaign. The quizzes involved elements to improve literacy such as anagram rounds, dingbats and rounds where the answers spelt out a word.

Daily Express & Daily Mirror

We have provided both of these national newspapers with double page spread Christmas quizzes.

BBC Radio 4

We wrote the questions used in a recent documentary on quiz in India. Indeed, using our contacts in India, we actually did most of the research for this show too.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
We were tasked with writing a 100 question fundraising quiz entirely based around the colour pink.

International Quizzing Association
Quizzing Ltd is the
UK arm of the International Quizzing Association. As such, we write and run the World Quizzing Championships, the European Quizzing Championships, the British Quizzing Champion

ships and the UK national quiz circuit along with a number of other annual events.

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